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Kilauea volcano, an active volcano in the Big Island, that has been continuously erupting for 35 years has had a larger eruption on May 3, 2018, that resulted in a lava flow in the Leilani Estates residential subdivision. Following this lava flow and the potential for danger to persons and property, the Office of the Mayor of the County of Hawaii (Big Island) has issued an Emergency Proclamation at 4:00 pm on May 3, 2018, and continuing thereon for 60 days or until further notice.

Hawaii Governor David Ige has also issued an Emergency Proclamation on May 3, 2018 and to continue until terminated, in order to mobilize the necessary civil defense authorities to assist in evacuation and providing disaster relief in affected areas.

The Philippine Consulate General urges all Filipinos residing within the affected areas and covered by the mandatory evacuation, to follow all instructions from Hawaii government and civil defense agencies.

We are in touch with representatives of Hawaii County and are monitoring the situation. (END).