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Philippine Consul General Joselito Jimeno visited Filipino Fishermen at Pier 17, Honolulu Harbor on 6 March 2018 to ascertain their condition as well as convey the Consulate’s readiness to assist them with their concerns.

Consul General Jimeno was accompanied by Consul Roberto Bernardo, Assistance-To-Nationals (ATN) Officer Rodel Tejada, and Pastor Jerry Saludez and members of the Seafarers Ministry - a non-profit organization.  The fishermen were generally satisfied with their job as they are able to earn a living and support their families back home in the Philippines.  Although coming from different provinces, they showed friendship and camaraderie, discussed their capability and expertise in their line of work that have made Filipinos a sought-after crew by American fishing vessel owners.

Consul General Jimeno reassured them that the issuance of an appropriate visa for fishermen will be reiterated by the Consulate to the concerned State and Federal authorities as this would address the primary concern of the fishermen of being restricted at the port harbor.  In the meantime, the Consulate will communicate with other concerned offices and request for support to their request for a recreational area (basketball court) and better toilet facilities.  The Consulate is also exploring the possibility of holding a consular outreach mission for the fishermen that would benefit them as they would no longer pay the $63 parole pass just to renew their passports at the Consulate. (END).

Photo credits: Jerry Saludez, Rodel Tejada