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Philippine Consul General Gina Jamoralin paid a visit to Kauai on December 22-23, 2017 for a farewell call on Kaua’i County and City Mayor Bernard Carvalho and for a meeting with the Filipino community. Consul General Jamoralin thanked Mayor Carvalho for his support to the activities of the Philippine Consulate particularly for providing the venue for the Philippine Consulate’s biannual outreach missions in Kaua’i County.

Mayor Carvalho thanked Consul General Jamoralin for her support and assistance during Mayor Carvalho’s recent trip in February 2017 to Davao City and Urdaneta City where Consul General Jamoralin accompanied the Mayor and the Philippine trade mission delegation. Urdaneta City in Pangasinan has been a sister city while Davao City has signed a friendship agreement with Kaua’i in February 2017 during the Mayor’s visit and a planned sisterhood agreement to be signed this year during the planned visit of Davao City Mayor to Kaua’i this year. Mayor Carvalho expressed satisfaction over these positive developments and recent commercial exchanges and official visits between Davao City and Kaua’i County.

During the farewell call on the Mayor, Consul General Jamoralin presented a certificate of appreciation to Mayor Carvalho for his invaluable support to the Philippine Consulate General and the Filipino community in Kaua’i.

Consul General Jamoralin also attended a dinner in her honor organized by the Kaua’i Filipino Council led by its President, Mr. Mario Trinidad at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Navarro. Mr. Jimmy Iloreta, President of the United Filipino Council of Hawaii ( UFCH) accompanied Consul General Jamoralin during the farewell call at the Mayor’s Office and toured the Consul General to the Kaua’i Philippine Cultural Center, currently under construction. The center is a collaborative project of the Filipino community and the Kaua’i County local government , to serve as a social and cultural hub for the Filipinos in Kaua’i. END