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The Philippine Consulate General informs the public that the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM), an export promotions agency of the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry, announces the hiring of a Marketing Agent/s who can help further promote the CITEM Manila Fame 2017.

The following general qualifications of potential agents are as follows:

  • Must have at least 10 years work experience in the related field;
  • Office must be based in one of their target markets which are:North America including Canada and US territories; Europe; Middle East and Africa; and Asia
  • Specializes in marketing, public relations, business development or brand management component (or equivalent);
  • Receptive, updated as to industry trends, and with established clients/networks;
  • Must have participated as a Marketing Agent for international overseas trade fairs; and
  • Must have experience in inviting and organizing business delegations or group participation to international trade fairs.

The major tasks to be undertaken by the prospective agents will involve the following:

  • Promote and advertise Manila FAME to potential buyers and exhibitors;
  • Recruit and acquire buyers to attend Manila FAME; and
  • Sell exhibit spaces and/or booths to qualified, legitimate export companies.

For further inquiries, interest applicant/s may contact Ms. Katrina Pineda, Buyer Marketing and Services Manager of CITEM at email address (END)