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Top left photo: Councilmember Joey Manahan, Consul Roberto T. Bernardo, Consul General Gina A. Jamoralin, Mr. Jim Cook, Hawaii Longline Association, Mr. Francis Tabaniag, Pescadores International, Pastor Jerry Saludez, Seafarers Ministry, and Mr. John Kaneko (rightmost), Program Manager of Hawaii Seafood Council.

Top right photo: ConGen Jamoralin talking to the Filipino fishermen. Middle photo: CnGen Jamoralin and Councilmember Manahan pose with fishermen. Bottom left photo: Mr. Jim Cook, Councilmember Manahan and ConGen Jamoralin speak to fishermen. Bottom right photo: Chow time with fishermen.


The Philippine Consulate General in cooperation with the Office of Honolulu City Councilmember Joey Manahan (District 7) and the Hawaii Longline Association conducted a visit to Filipino fishermen on Saturday, January 7, 2017 at Pier 38.

Present were Philippine Consul General Gina A. Jamoralin, Councilmember Manahan, Mr. Jim Cook, board of directors of HLA, Mr. Sean Martin, President of HLA, Mr. J. John Kaneko, Program Manager of the Hawaii Seafood Council and Mr. Jerry Saludez, Pastor of Waipio Community Baptist Church and Seafarers Ministry. Also in attendance were Mr. Francis Tabaniag, representative of Pescadores manning agency, Consul Roberto T. Bernardo and ATN officer Rodel Tejada.

Forty (40) fishermen attended the meeting, coming from Pescadores and Leeward manning agencies.

Consul General Jamoralin and Councilmember Manahan brought food and discussed with the fishermen their concerns.

Consul General Jamoralin and Councilmember Manahan were also invited by a boat owner aboard one of the fishing boats docked at the pier to view the fishermen’s working and living facilities.

Consul General Jamoralin’s visit of the Filipino fishermen follows the last visit at Pier 17 on 18 September 2016. (END).