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In inimitable fashion, Filipinos love to showcase their living traditions by reliving their history through their signature food, dance and attire.

Guest scholars and resource persons to the first-ever symposium on Filipino migration to the U.S., as part of a two-day Filipino American History Month celebration from 8-9 October 2016, witnessed a cornucopia of Filipino-style Southern hospitality in a gala night held at the Hilton Hotel in New Orleans.

Leaders and members of Filipino community organizations came down from various parts of Louisiana in their colorful Barong Tagalog and baro’t saya to celebrate the unique Filipino heritage upon the invitation of Honorary Consul Roberto Romero.

The warm and lively evening proved perfect for the symposium guests and participants as well as members of the Consular Corps of New Orleans to meet and mingle with Filipino immigrants who have taken roots in the Pelican State, many of whom, like the first Filipino settlers in the Barataria Bay, have intermarried with native born Americans.

Consul General Generoso D.G. Calonge in his remarks noted how history has shaped and formed Filipino culture into a distinct mix of foreign influences and homegrown customs. He called on Filipino Americans in Louisiana to bring their proud identity and wisdom of their forebears to have a meaningful impact on their continuing integration into mainstream society. He also took the opportunity to offer a humble donation to the victims of the recent flooding from the voluntary contributions of the officers and staff of the Philippine Consulate General in Chicago.

For her part, Consul General Gina A. Jamoralin thanked the community as partners of the Philippine government in preserving Filipino culture and urged them to participate more actively in their local affairs.

Honorary Consul Romero and Consul General Calonge handed certificates of recognition to the resource persons for the symposium as well as the officers and members of the Philippine-Louisiana Historical Society, which served as the backbone of the historic effort of celebrating Filipino American History Month in New Orleans in a groundbreaking and in a truly and inimitably Filipino fashion. END