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KAMPEON SA KUSINA (KSK) is a project of the Philippine Consulate General in Honolulu with a mission to brand Philippine cuisine in the State, recognize culinary skills of Filipino amateur cooks and food enthusiasts, and bring greater awareness and appreciation of Filipino cuisine among the global community at large.

This event will showcase the cooking prowess and expertise of Filipino-American cooks and foodies. We hope that through KSK, we could encourage all residents in our community to actively support Filipino restaurants in Hawaii and in the US in general, and boost participation from community organizations, business entities and other groups in this advocacy campaign.

KAMPEON SA KUSINA will be held on 30 November 2013, Saturday, at the Philippine Consulate General, Honolulu from 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm. This event will kick off the Christmas celebration in Hawaii to launch the 2nd Parol Festival. Lighting of the lanterns follows at 6:30 pm.


The Philippine Consulate General will partner with the United Filipino Council of Hawaii (UFCH) and other Filipino organizations in the state in this undertaking.


The KAMPEON SA KUSINA is organized to elevate the consciousness and appreciation of Philippine cuisine, and to further improve the quality of taste and presentation of Filipino dishes through a competition among amateur cooks, foodies and culinary enthusiasts.

Please note that the competition will feature only one (1) category: AMATEUR category. There will be a maximum of ten (10) amateur contestants who will compete for the title of KAMPEON SA KUSINA.

(A) Eligibility

  • Contestants must be at least 18 years old, of Filipino descent and legal residents of the US at the date of contest entry.
  • Amateur contestants must NOT be professional chefs as defined below (See definition of professional chef), must not own or engage in food business that is licensed or accredited by a local government agency. For clarity, Amateur contestants may not be employed in any restaurant as a chef, line cook or cook of any capacity; however he/she may be a caterer as a hobby and not be paid for catering as a primary source of income.
  • (Professional  category includes contestants who is professional chef, a food truck vendor  cook, culinary instructor, culinary graduate or educator, licensed caterer, and currently or had been employed in any of the above capacity.)
  • Each contestant must appear in person. No proxy will be allowed.
  • Each contestant shall provide a short biography, the recipe and/or menu, and if available, a photo of the entry dish(es), by mailing these to the KAMPEON SA KUSINA Steering Committee, 2433 Pali Hwy, Honolulu, HI 96817 or email address

(B) General Rules and Guidelines

  • The entrée recipe will represent any of the following traditional style Filipino dishes:
    • Kare-kare, Escabeche, Caldereta, Menudo, Afritada, Pochero, Pinakbet, Sisig, Laing.
  • Additional dishes may be submitted subject to approval of the KSK Steering Committee.
  • To ensure diversity and an enjoyable gastronomic feast, no two contestants will make the same dish.
  • Contestants are allowed to tweak the recipe according to his/her own personal style or liking, provided that the entire look and taste of the said dish would still hold semblance with how it is done and cooked traditionally.
  • Contestants are required to submit the recipe of their chosen entry dish.
  • Each featured Filipino entrée must have the ingredients of at least two (2) Filipino brands.
  • No cooking onsite will be allowed during the competition proper.
  • Entry dishes must be cooked prior to arriving at the venue.
  • Each contestant must ensure that the entry dish that they will prepare and bring for the competition will be enough for 150-200 people who will taste and judge the dishes. Small servings of the dishes to taste (Costco style) will be made and given to the attendee-judges.
  • Aside from the food that will be served to the people, contestants should also prepare a dish (for display only) during the competition. Light preparation and plate décor for the presentation is permitted.
  • The attendee-judges will line up and receive small portions of the entry dishes placed in uniform plates or containers for them to taste. Once they are able to taste all entry dishes, they will vote for their favorite dish, based on overall taste and presentation.
  • To ensure fairness and objectivity, names of the contestants and their respective entry dishes should not be revealed by the contestants themselves and the organizers before and during the competition. Labels will be made for each dish to aid the people in voting for their favorite dish. The cooks of the dishes with the most number of votes (1st, 2nd and 3rd) will be declared as KAMPEON SA KUSINA and two runners up.
  • Procurement of recipe ingredients is the responsibility of the contestants. In case the KSK Steering Committee is able to get food suppliers as sponsors, contestants will be given gift certificates; and ingredients will be purchased from sponsoring stores.
  • Otherwise, contestants shall buy their own ingredients and the KSK Steering Committee will reimburse the contestant up to a maximum of $100 to defray expenses in food ingredients used upon submission of receipts to the Committee.
  • Each contestant may bring one (1) culinary or cooking assistant and 2 personal guests that may attend the KAMPEON SA KUSINA Culinary Showdown on 30 November 2013 at the Philippine Consulate General.
  • Each contestant must be presentable and in proper attire.
  • The KSK Steering Committee will provide the following:
    • Warming equipment (if necessary and subject to availability)
    • Table signage with name of dish, and labeling materials for entrees.
  • Contestants are NOT allowed to bring small appliances (such as food processors, immersion blenders, or blow torches).
  • Contestants are required to store their entry dishes in sealed containers to avoid contamination. Proper transportation procedures and standards should also be observed to avoid contamination and spoilage.
  • Each contestant is responsible in setting up his display station, and must clean any Each contestant must provide his/her own handcart for transporting his entry dish and supplies to the venue. He/she is also responsible in cleaning any kind of waste/spillage during the competition.
  • Contestants will be disqualified if they do not present their entrée in person at the designated time given by the KSK Steering Committee. No substitute and other assistance is allowed.
  • By entering this competition, contestants grant permission to the Philippine Consulate General and its partners and sponsors of the event to publish and/or use in any way the materials submitted, including the recipes and names and photos of competitors.
  • The Philippine Consulate General, Partners, Participating Sponsors and Steering Committee members shall not be liable or responsible for personal injury, or loss, or broken equipment and supplies brought by the contestants as indicated in the Participation Entry Form.

(C) Awards and prizes for the KAMPEON SA KUSINA

Following are the prizes at stake for winners of the competition:

  • Kampeon sa Kusina     : US$ 1,000.00
  • First Runner-up           : One (1) Roundtrip ticket to Las Vegas*
  • Second Runner-up       :  2 nights staycation at Ala Moana Hotel in Honolulu*

(*Note: The Kulinarya Steering Committee will select the month and date of the Las Vegas trip and hotel staycation.)

All contestants will receive a Certificate of Appreciation from the Consulate and the United Filipino Council of Hawaii, its partner Filipino organization for this event.

2nd Parol Festival

The Parols from Pampanga will be lighted at 6:30 pm after the KSK competition proper. These will be lighted every night, from 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm from 30 November to 15 December 2013.


To celebrate Paskong Pinoy, there will be a simple salo-salo after the lighting of the Parols where Filipino chefs, restaurants, caterers and other sponsors will be asked to sponsor and/or prepare food (their specialty) and drinks for the salo-salo. They may set up food booths/tables during the event, in order to promote their dining establishments.

The KAMPEON SA KUSINA, first runner up and second runner up will be announced during the Paskong Pinoy salo-salo. (END).