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02/12/2010: Philippine Consulate General Calls on Maui Mayor-Elect Alan Arakawa

28 November 2010. The Philippine Consulate General Officers and Staff called on Maui Mayor-elect Alan Arakawa at the latter’s headquarters in Maui.  Mayor-elect Arakawa conveyed his appreciation for the support of the Filipino Community in Maui.  He noted the many competent and highly-talented Filipinos living and working in Maui and the general Filipino population adding a distinctive vigor to the social and cultural ambiance of the county of Maui.

The State of Hawaii has one of the largest concentrations of Filipinos in the United States. Filipinos came to Hawaiias early as 1906 to work for Hawaii’s agricultural companies. Maui has some 30,000 Filipinos engaged in various undertakings as contractors, engineers, educators, doctors, nurses and other professions.